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Chatbots are reasoning programs that can conduct an interactive discussion with potential customers, in natural language, providing answers to frequently asked questions. They can be integrated with apps, websites, and messengers to make sure a client never thinks of switching to another product without obtaining complete information about yours. WorkChex is a leading Chatbot Development Company in Gurgaon offering professional services within expected timelines and pocket-friendly prices. We develop Chatbots of varying complexities that can reach your customers on any platform.

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Chatbot Services you can expect from us

Google Assistant Actions Development

Google, the global innovation leaders, has designed Assistant – an AI which provides assistance to diverse clients. It can be used in mobiles as well as smart home devices. The experts at WorkChex have much experience in creating Chatbots for Google Assistant. Keeping your business goals in mind, we build conversational bots that can help you further your reach and tap into more leads.

Alexa Skills Development

Did you know that Alexa’s reach isn’t limited to speakers? You can make it talk to your devices and get things like turning the AC on/off done. This kind of functionality is made possible through Alexa Skills Development, and WorkChex is adept in it! We have extensive expertise in using AWS Lambda and custom server environment for Amazon Alexa Skill Development that is tailored to our clients’ products and services.

Voice Based Chatbots

Voice-based Chatbots can interact and communicate through voice. This basically means that they can accept commands in oral form. The use of such chatbots is on the roll with more and more organizations adopting them to enhance their customer relationships. Being one of the best companies, WorkChex gives due credit to this fact and design interactive Voice-Based Chatbots that can help you take one step forward to maximizing your business’ reach. Our Chatbot Services in Gurgaon stand a league apart.

Customer Support Chatbots

Want to scale your sales and support efforts while improving teamwide productivity? Why not opt for dedicated customer support chatbots! The skilled professionals at WorkChex work alongside your existing sales and support teams and use Machine Learning (ML) to interpret inquiries, answer customer questions, and learn from new interactions. Our chatbot development services assist you in delivering targeted customer support and strengthen your customer relationships.

NLP/AI Chatbots

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the ability of machines to understand and process human language. NLP based chatbots are used to determine a user's intention and extract information from what the user says in order to execute and complete tasks. WorkChex's chatbots development powers NLP chatbots across enterprise functions. Each of our implementations is customized and scaled to suit diverse and unique enterprise needs and workflows.

Virtual Assistant Chatbots

Contrary to popular perception, Virtual Assistants and Chatbots are different. While Chatbots are primarily information acquisition interfaces, Virtual Assistants can assist you in conducting tasks. Regardless of their individual differences, both provide new ways for businesses to create powerful user experiences. WorkChex is a Chatbot Company in Gurgaon that delivers dedicated offerings that help you quickly determine what is the right kind of bot for your business. Once that is settled, we develop the offering based on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Chatbot is a cutting edge software that interacts with users either via text or voice. Chatbots process the users query and provides a pre-set or default answer which is stored in its database. The lifecycle of a chatbot: Requirements→Spec→Script→→Architecture→Development→Testing→Display→Publishing→Monitoring→Promoting →Analysing→Requirements

Majorly, there are six types of Chatbots:
  • Scripted/Quick Reply Bots
  • NLP Chatbots
  • Service/Action Chatbots
  • Social Messaging Chatbots
  • Context Enabled Chatbots
  • Voice-Enabled Chatbots

Chatbot or a chatterbot is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based technology that can be installed and utilized through any significant texting applications. A chatbot is a program that recreates organic discussions through audio directions or text or both.

Chatbots help businesses in automating various redundant processes like providing basic information to customers like timings, address, prices etc. Chatbots also help in data collection and analyses it, which can enhance the UX of your product/service.

From their initial phase, Chatbots have come a long way and have been on the high tide since then. Some of the best Chatbots are: