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Best DevOps Consulting Services in Gurgaon

DevOps is a software engineering approach that improves the proficiency and quality of the development process. It combines the development and operations efforts, so all the business processes roll-out quicker and smoother. With our best in class DevOps services, WorkChex assists businesses to renovate their software development process and speed up their product-release cycle for a maximized operational efficacy. Maintaining stability during the process of releasing new features is a challenge that many businesses find very daunting to tackle. Sitting tight and waiting for other departments to settle issues can cause a great deal of dissatisfaction that could reduce your efficiency. Our DevOps consulting services are intended to forestall and avoid such circumstances by regulating the production procedure and the deployment process automatic. As the best DevOps services company in Gurgaon, we help organizations fast-track their DevOps architecture transformation with smoother operations for ultimate technology outcomes.

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We offer a bunch of DevOps Services

Continuous Integration

By continuous integration, we mechanize the procedure of building and testing the code each time a modification is done. Consolidating changes into a shared version control repository makes it simpler to automize testing and monitor the release.

Continuous Delivery and Deployment

Continuous Delivery eliminates the bottlenecks accompanied with software release cycles and speeds up the deployment process. Continuous Deployment ensures that your software is always ready to release.

Configuration Management

A configuration management system captures all settings and architecture of your infrastructure in GIT, making it centrally accessible. We assist you in creating your company’s very own Configuration Management Database, which can be utilized as per your requirements.

AWS Consulting

AWS provides flexibility to choose the operating system, programming language, web app platform, database, and other services. It offers all this at very affordable pricing packages. We can help you utilize the best benefit of AWS.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Consulting

Google Cloud Platform is the most reasonable and accessible public cloud provider that offers block storage capabilities. Whether you’re looking for assistance with GCP migration, better manage your current GCP environment, or expansion of your capabilities within GCP, we can guide you.

Cloud Architecture

Leverage every highlight and advantage the cloud brings to the table. We offer personalized cloud solutions for all your business needs. Whether you are migrating to the cloud from local servers or constructing a cloud-native app, our experts are ready to serve you.

DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning

Our DevOps Assessment strategy assists businesses in preparing for and having technical capabilities for DevOps tools, DevOps Implementation, and DevOps Migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

From strategizing through conveyance, the objective of DevOps is to improve coordinated effort over the worth stream by creating and mechanizing a consistent delivery (CD) pipeline. In doing as such, DevOps increases the recurrence and nature of deployments, improve development and enable experimenting by making it more secure to test.

Yes, DevOps operations do require coding. Coding is involved in various phases, like understanding the code, automating DevOps processes, track production release etc. The role of DevOps is to enhance and speed up the process of coding; therefore, Devops without coding is like ideas without implementation.

Jira was originally developed as a bug and glitch tracker but today it is used as a work management tool for a variety of purposes-from prerequisites to software development. It is a very popular agile tool in the software delivery toolchain and for the same reason be considered a DevOps tool.

AWS gives benefits that assist you with realizing the DevOps approach at your organization and that are assembled with AWS. These apparatuses mechanize manual undertakings, assist teams with overseeing complex situations at scale and keep engineers in charge of the high speed that is provided by DevOps.

The benefits of automation testing are as mentioned below:
  • Test Scheduling
  • Easy Regression Testing
  • Testing On Multiple Platforms Simultaneously
  • Saves Time
  • Reduces the dependency on human resources
  • Improves the Quality of Manual Tests
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reliable Results

Continuous Deployment Tools handle all the processes from automatically building and testing code to quickly deploying it and detailing blunders back to the team as they happen, thereby simplifying the DevOps processes.